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Lisa Marichal

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Lisa Marichal is founder of Sparkle Within, LLC, a national organization dedicated to helping women and girls stop hating their bodies, embrace their beauty, and find the sparkle in life. An in-demand expert lifestyle consultant, speaker, and trainer, Lisa speaks from hard-won experience: after spending most of her life being ashamed and outright embarrassed with the way she looked, and then one day losing both her husband and her comfortable lifestyle, she finally realized that years of self-loathing had produced some pretty bad decisions. At that moment she decided to stop hating herself and the image she saw in the mirror. Today Lisa's story of taking back control of your life, defeating the odds and learning to love yourself is inspiring other women and girls learn to accept themselves as beautiful just as they are, and to make the choices that will bring them greater confidence, joy, and happiness.

Lisa is currently at work on her first book in collaboration with plastic surgeons to help patients be happy with the decisions they are making about their bodies. You can read more about Lisa and her life-changing message about feeling beautiful without compromising who you are, on her website

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