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Abhimanyu Sharma

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As you'd expect, Abhimanyu Sharma is one of the people who stand in mile-long queues to buy the latest iPhone or the latest iPads. He prides herself on finding more hidden features of any new gadget before any of her friends of colleagues. He passionately points out peculiar features of Windows that make it better than iPhone for specific users, and his voice tends to rise in the heat of the discussion.

While Sharon loves Mobile development, his first love is classical music. But when he is developing apps, he puts listens to hard rock; he says it helps his work faster and lets his catch hold of innovative ideas.

I am writing about different technology and works at IndiaNIC software development company. I have an extensive experience in writing mobile technology and website site development & web designs news or blogs at

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People use iPad for seamless browsing and Internet surfing. Because of this, the famous media websites like BBC, Netflix, YouTube, TED and CNET TV have optimized their websites so that iPad users get

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