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Lisa Chin-A-Young

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Lisa Chin-A-Young is Co-Founder of The Marriage Development Company which reapplies business strategy and frameworks to home life. For a smarter way to communicate, plan, and work together.

Lisa career spans almost 20 years in the corporate world across 4 continents. She started her career at Procter & Gamble in Canada and Latin America, after which she completed her MBA at INSEAD (France/Singapore) and joined Monitor Group strategy consulting in Singapore. She was recruited into Centrica plc (parent company of British Gas in the UK) where she held a variety of roles including Head of Group Marketing, Head of Retention, and most recently Director of Customer Communications. She has led teams of up to 500 and understands how to organise, motivate, coordinate, and enable people to deliver great results for business.

Lisa is also mum to 2 wonderful kids - Sebastian and Valentina and thrilled to be Mario's wife. She has taken the skills and strategies developed in generating shareholder value for businesses and reapplied them to enable couples to communicate, plan, and make decisions better together at home.

Her insight is that a significant amount of time, effort, and money goes into preparing us for our working careers (education, training programs, mentoring, etc.) but very little into our home life. In fact, there is little pro-activeness and perhaps a bit of a stigma in couples developing their marriages, as they might their careers. Her aim is to provide a contemporary, "smart" choice for couples to adopt new ways-of-working that will ultimately help them to grow together over the course of their marriage. "Be Together. Work Together. Grow Together." is the motto of The Marriage Development Company.

The Marriage Development Company runs workshops in Central London and e-workshops Globally. It also develops bespoke training sessions for corporates and organisations.

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