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Tenoria T LaGrone

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Tenoria LaGrone is a very special Woman. At the age of 24, she owns her own soon to be Billion Dollar Business. Starting off as a nurse in her early 20's, Tenoria realized there was something greater in the UNIVERSE for her. Trying everything from inventing shoe lines to clothing lines she was on the path of something HUGE. College didn't interest her much due to the growing numbers of individuals who attended college, but graduated jobless and with tons of debt. See how successful Bill Gates was with Microsoft minus the college degree, Tenoria knew she could take the wolrd by storm without the degree to hold up her name. Staying up long days and nights she thought about how she was going to make it in life. With everyone telling her schooling was the way to go, she knew better. Suddenly it happend. Early 2009, a gentleman approached her while out shopping. With much in common they became the best of friends and he lead her to the opportunity of a lifetime. Tenoria was introduced to the industry of Direct Sales and Network Marketing which opened the door to everything she is today.

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It's simply amazing how good God is. Once you find him it's like everything ends up being extraordinary for you. A lot of folks live life defeated because of the road blocks that pop up and try to

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