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Margo Kirtikar Ph.D.

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Margo is a personal life coach, trainer, with over 20 years experience in counseling, coaching and guiding people. She is also speaker, writer, artist and spiritual teacher. She was active in the international business world for about 20 years prior to coaching. She has her doctorate in the Philosophy of Metaphysics. Multicultural and multitalented, a world traveler she believes in personal evolution, continuous education and in self transformation, mind and consciousness expansion. She loves to help people to discover their own inner light and to guide people on to their own right path. She is convinced of the coming golden age and the good in all humankind. Although the road will be steep and rocky to get there. The majority of humanity who join the path of light and goodwill, and who understand that living beings are all one and connected with the universe, will help us to accomplish this goal. She has authored three books, You and Change, about self-transformation. Visions Unusual is a compact introduction to the Metaphysics. The second edition of her third book Cosmic and Universal Laws, lists 269 infinite laws that influence our daily lives. She currently lives and works in Vevey, Switzelrand.

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Religions dominate our human society in every part of the globe. Nations and individuals are guided, swayed, threatened, influenced, inspired, motivated and modeled according to their religions.

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