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Patricia A Gaines

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Seasoned Entrepreneur. Author, story teller. Building business with honor, integrity and wisdom. Moving forward with dreams to become reality. We have the power to begin a new life. We can build any business, and we can start over. We can work through whatever life gives us. We can create a new joy and happiness by turning our lives over to God. Born & Raised in Hickory, NC A nice little southern town. The hub of one of the largest urban populations in the United States..A three-time All-America City on the Catawba River just an hour south of the Blue Ridge Parkway. More than 40,000 residents call Hickory their home. Hickory is the center of a metropolitan area made up of more than 350,000 people.

Patricia descends from a typical southern family that instilled within her, her love of nature and a persevering work ethic. From her mother she learned to love nature, beauty and the arts along with love for mankind and compassion. From her father she learned a very realistic outlook on the business world and this family legacy has had a great affect upon her life and how she has lived it.

She is a person who loves to learn and is a people person that has built her life and her business on relationship principles.

She has been involved in writing for a large part of her life and is an accomplished author and story teller. This is no doubt due in large part to her heritage and the legacy left to her by her mother as well as the giftedness that has been bestowed upon her by GOD.

While she has had numerous accomplishments and awards, these are not all that important to her. Rather, she would personally prefer to be known now for her writing and her heart for writing books that will bring not only enjoyment and entertainment to her readers but also bring to them a new state of hope & encouragement. A level that will help them deal with their own life issues in a successful and healthy way to bring them to a great outcome as they learn and grow with her while reading her stories.

Her desire now is to serve her readers.

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There is a golden key to life. Our Creator handed us this key on a silver platter. The key is choice. We can be free to make our choice, but we are not free from the consequence of that choice.

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