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Roy Lazarus started off as a runner for his cross country team at Miami Beach High School in 1988. He went on to University of Florida and continued to run in any race that he could find. Spurred on by college buddies intrigued by triathlon, Roy competed in a few triathlon races during college.

After suffering a broken foot during a triathlon in 1994, Roy took a long hiatus as rehab was difficult and he broke his foot for a second time. Writing off the sport due to injuries, Roy dedicated himself to work and found his niche in the corporate world as a systems consultant working for companies like ProSource (a main food distributor for Burger King) and also for Burger King Corporation.

At ProSource, Roy worked with Willie Rodriguez. Although athletic, Willie had never competed in running events or triathlon events. ProSource always participated in the Miami Corporate 5k run. Willie had heard of Roy's days of glory as a runner and did some trash talking back in 1999. Having raced in many races, Roy made a semi-comeback as Willie pulled a Joe Namath guaranteeing victory in the 5k if Roy would come out of retirement for a day.

Roy ruined Willie's inaugural 5k that day, but that one day spurred Willie on to become a triathlon fanatic. Within less than two years, Willie went competed in his first marathon and Ironman competition shortly after.

In 2001, Roy was lucky enough to bump into an old college buddy named Larry Leder (who became a Podiatrist). Larry knew of Roy's running and triathlon past and luckily, Dr. Leder created custom made orthotics for Roy. This was all he needed to make a return to running and triathlon (since 2002, Roy has competed in 9 marathons, 7 Half Ironmans, and a handfull of Olympic and Sprint Triathlons as well as 1/2 marathons).

Fast forward to around 2002.. as many people do when working in the corporate world, Willie and Roy contemplated the idea uttered outside of the corporate walls day after day... "there's got to be a better way to make a living".

The no brainer "way to make a living" was to create Willie and Roy set forth on creating a business plan and analyzing the market (competition, vendors, etc.). The company was born in 2003 and is going strong in 2012!!

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