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Matthew Scott K

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Matthew Scott K is a mentor, father, husband, king, lover, warrior, magician, and human being.

He works hard at making mentoring relationship matches in the Gunnison Valley, Colorado and loves to write about relationships and the skills of being.

Matthew has healed himself of many pains and he has killed the boy within him--giving birth to the mature masculine within him.

He teaches a boxing class called Fight 4 Your Life that helps men heal themselves, strengthen their masculine energies, and grow into the men they know they have to become.

Matthew has been taught by entrepreneur masters and offers business consulting for small and non-profit business.

He is also beginning the community development of the Ollin Academy. You can find the Ollin Academy on Facebook and learn more about how you too can go "ollin" on life to reach your utmost potential.

"Hell on Earth to meet the man I could have been. I would rather meet that man, look him in the eye, and say, I know you, because I am you" ~ Keith Cunningham

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Outwitting the Devil has impacted my life tremendously, and I am not finished with the book at the time of writing this sentence. The fact is, Napoleon Hill has the devil cornered and he is able to

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According to the United States Department of Labor there are about 12.7 million people seeking jobs today. This makes for a highly competitive arena for anyone submitting applications. Once the field

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In 2011 I filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Colorado. It was a decision I made after I spent some thinking time on the situation at hand. I had accrued more than ,000 in credit card debt, and I

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Tony Soprano, the mob boss from The Sopranos has a few things to teach all of us fathers. Even though he is a criminal it is all part of the business, and within his business he teaches us some

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