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Chris Elgood

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I was a management consultant and I wrote The Handbook of Management Games and Simulations. (Gower Press 1997). After handing over the business to my daughter I wanted to find out whether I could write imaginative fiction. I have self-published Accidental Assassin and He Only Died Twice and The Eager Apprentice. (All on Amazon and Kindle). My starting point was a witchcraft trial that I witnessed many years ago in Central Africa. I was impressed by the way local people adapted modern techiques to their cultural requirements, in that case coming up with the Kalilozi Gun which added a physical capability to what had previously been achieved by spells.

My life in management education was related to this interest in an oblique manner because simulation involves representing a real thing in the form of a comprehensible analogue. It made me sensitive to the uncertainties about what is real and what is not.

I developed the witchcraft theme by creating a heroine who learnt those skills in her village and then progressed to a modern secondary school and finally to London to get a BA and an MBA. She grafts modern technology onto her original skills and becomes a successful assassin, removing major evil-doers and earning the money to buy a meteorology consultancy. This provides her with a respectable cover. All this increased my interest in "things unseen" and I feel my heroine could have further adventures. I am here on Ezine to share my present knowledge of "things unseen" as presented in fiction and to share, also, the extra knowledge that I pick up by through the knowledge I have picked up since writing my books, and hopefully to learn more. A major factor for me was reading Anthropology at Cambridge way back in the 1950's. It made me aware of cultural differences and the fact that most behaviour is logical within its context. I am a Christian with an understanding of that theology and able to view "things unseen" from several viewpoints. Right now I am studying Shamanism, which is universal to an astonishing degree. I live in Kent (England) and struggle with the internet, learning new things daily and often being frightened by them. My heroine is smart, competent and successful because I like women that way.

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A personal enquiry into witchcraft and related subjects. The objective is in to make the actions of a fictional character more convincing in future publications.

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