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Stelios Serras

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Human behavior has always been my favorite subject. So, from an early age, I started to "observe" human behaviors and how their lives ware influenced, affected... I devoured any psychology book I could get my hands on, I was fascinated !

"Experience Harmony in every aspect of your life" is our motto and I think there is no need for further explanation. Having and living all parts of your life in full harmony, is (must be) the ultimate purpose. I mean, what is the point of trying or wanting to be a loving parent or companion but you have a drinking problem or other similar nasty habits? There are consequences, whatever that implies. The bad behaviors are neutralizing any good ones... Just think for a moment. You may be a wonderful spouse but you are a lousy parent... perfect friend but not the ideal coworker... superb lover but terrible friend... examples and combinations are endless.

"Relations In Harmony" was created with one goal in mind: to cover as many aspects of our everyday life, as possible.

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This 2nd part of simultaneous orgasm synchronization 'series' is about decelerating the male orgasm. This part is much more difficult than accelerating the female orgasm.

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