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I am one of the directors of Ezy-Speech, a business established to help stutterers / stammerers worldwide. Set up by recovering stutterers, a Speech Pathologist and Psychologist, Ezy-Speech is an easy & effective stuttering therapy program. Treatment can be difficult and expensive to obtain. Ezy-Speech offers an innovative science-based, cost-effective treatment and support package that people with a stutter / stammer can undertake in their own homes.

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More than 70% of stutterers who undertake an intensive stuttering therapy course relapse back into stuttering fairly quickly after therapy. How can that be? Initial results are all good, and we love

Health & Fitness> Speech Pathology l 2 years ago

Stuttering is a complex communication disorder rather than simply a speech disorder. The term, ABCs of Stuttering (A = Affective, B = Behavioural, C = Cognitive), sums up its complexity. Research

Health & Fitness> Speech Pathology l 2 years ago

Let today be the end of procrastination of doing something about your stutter / stammer. How many times have you said to yourself, "I really have to do something about my stuttering, it's driving me

Health & Fitness> Speech Pathology l 2 years ago

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