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Tomas Donovan

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Member since: Jul 13, 2012

I love to write articles about thing I know well. I have spent a lot of time developing my different business project in many areas of interest.

I am an experienced professional, I have attended and spoken at conferences, seminars and workshops in many different locations.

Most of my articles are prompted by actual questions from customers who are looking to solve a problem or better understand what solution will best fit their needs.


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When a company evolves, expands and goes public, it is important to start considering international relations. Trading internationally can be hugely beneficial for both parties if your cards are

Business > International Business l 2 years ago

In preparing for your very first company trip to China, many Westerners feel that they are adequately equipped to do business as soon as the plane touches the ground. Usually, they have Cliff Notes

Business > International Business l 2 years ago

There is a common saying that communication is over 85% nonverbal. We have seen countless examples in movies, television and other popular media where we make fun and laugh at situational comedies

Business > International Business l 2 years ago

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