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Kathy Godin

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Kathy Godin helps families finance their homes. She does this as a mortgage loan officer and branch manager. She draws on her Bachelor's Degree in Education and her Masters Degree in Counseling to deal with individuals/families on a humane basis. People are real to her - they are not just mortgages. She is available to North Carolina families at her office in Raleigh. Kathy has found, in her 25 years in the business, that individuals do not have a complete understanding of credit, residential real estate and mortgages. This has led to her becoming an author and publisher of a web site dealing with these topics. Kathy is an accepted instructor by the North Carolina Banking Commission and has served as a resource by teaching aspiring loan officers what it takes to become licensed. Many choose to deal with her because they prefer the teacher to the student. Kathy and her husband have moved around some. They have lived in a number of homes, both residential and investment. In addition to the family home, she owns four investment properties. Kathy has a green thumb. She has house plants that are over 30 years old. This is a joy for her. Originally from New England, she is still a fan of the Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots. Go team! She also enjoys going to the movies and reading. Kathy is currently a resident of North Carolina, has two grown daughters and a husband of 36 years. She is fortunate to still have her father. He is 98 years old and still living by himself.

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"I heard that mortgage underwriters are checking with the IRS to verify our income. Current year returns haven't been processed yet. This is delaying approval of mortgages. Right?"

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