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Hamish Napier-Fenning

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Hamish Napier-Fenning is a wooden boat builder based in Chichester, West Sussex. He delivers his wooden pond and lake Boats across the UK. Further information about Naval Cannons, wooden boats, pond boats, lake boats, pond maintenance, skiffs, canoes, punts, and other topics can be found on his website, or call him on 07786725783.

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In my travels I have seen a wide variety of bridges, jetties, and decking arrangements. A good jetty can really make your pond or lake look special, as well as providing a convenient way to get in

Recreation & Sports> Fish Ponds l 3 years ago

Here are some important points to consider before planning your pond or lake. Why not build your pond away from overhanging trees? The leaves they drop will break down and produce nitrates which will

Recreation & Sports> Fish Ponds l 3 years ago

Weed control has always been a major issue for my customers. Whilst some forms of weed and plant life will encourage wildlife, by providing food and oxygenating your pond, there are several types of

Recreation & Sports> Fish Ponds l 3 years ago

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