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Annie Simpson

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I'm currently in the midst of what feels like the longest renovation in history. It's been almost two and a half years, and counting.

This hasn't always been an easy process for someone who previously lived in a house where everything was new and shiny and in perfect order. Okay, I might have stretched the truth about the latter, but it was in perfect order some of the time. Like when visitors were coming.

It has been rewarding though. That's what I tell myself anyway, and on the plus side I now know how to balance on a ladder while painting, grout bathrooms and climb up onto the roof, amongst other things. Not all at the same time, unfortunately. If I could manage that things would probably move along a bit faster.

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Semi integrated dishwasher or fully integrated dishwasher? This was something I had to decide upon when renovating my kitchen recently. Wanting to get it right before parting with my hard earned

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