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Sarah A J Riley

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Sarah Riley lives by the coast in the UK and is the Founder and Chief Editor of

After her University studies she found herself on a Greek island working as a nanny. The three children she looked after for two years changed her life and inspired her to write her first children's novel in 1994, but it soon took a back seat as she concentrated on her business career.

A trip to southern India to support the coastal areas damaged by the 2004 Tsunami resulted in her making many life changing decisions. This allowed her desire to write to re-surface and she started her second novel in 2007. She now lives with her husband Roy in North Devon overlooking the sea and loves nothing more than going camping in their old Mercedes campervan or spending the day at the beach surfing and playing with her two daughters.

Besides writing and camping, Sarah's favourite things include her Custard Point surfboard, chocolate, skimming pebbles, sunshine and sandy feet.

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Dandelion wine is one of our favourite wines to make and definitely one of the best for the campsite, hedgerow or field forage. Mainly because it tastes so good but also because a good dandelion

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