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Sandra Martini

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Sandra Martini brings her years of hands-on small business growth and marketing experience to help passionate, yet struggling, small business owners realize their dreams of creating a business which supports their desired lifestyle.

With her signature tell-it-like-it-is-nurturing style, energy and exceptional mentoring and teaching skills, Sandy is without question the resource for serious business owners.

Sandra works with clients in a variety of industries -- from coaches and holistic practitioners to accountants and authors -- by delivering comprehensive business building and strategic marketing programs, products and mentoring through a community designed to teach and mentor small business owners and entrepreneurs to build a sustainable business which gives them more time, more profits and more freedom to live their desired lives.

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It's amazing how when things get super busy and we try to speed up, Murphy's Law or nature in general takes over with things to slow us down - whether we get sick, overwhelmed, or just mess things up

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