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Rob Towner

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Member since: Jul 13, 2012

What I do: In a nutshell, I write children's stories for fun. I try to make them as weird and as entertaining as I possibly can. There are recurring characters, unimaginable plot lines and so on.

I am currently working on a few writing projects based on my own ideas but what I love to do is write stories ON REQUEST! Yep. You heard right. So how does that work you may ask? Well, the way it works is...

"Insert your name here" visits my various social networking sites (Twitter, Google + or Facebook) and simply asks me (via tweet for example) to write a story about "Insert what you want a story to be about here". You can even specify a specific genre or demographic. (In the above tabs section, you will find access to stories that have already been carefull crafted for various ages and pre-assorted for your reading pleasure).

Then the magic happens... I receive your request and head down into my secret storytime village laboratory and write you a story based on your suggestion. What comes out is a magical tale written just for you. Here's a story I wrote for someone not to long ago as an example.

I hope you will have fun browsing my author website, reading all the stories I have already written, requesting outrageous tales for me to write you and most importantly... shopping at my online merch store.

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An insight into digital books and paperback hard copies for children at school. How have things changes? What stories do kids love? and where are they getting their fiction adventure tales from now

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