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My name is Matthew Necroto and I am a graphic desginer currently living in the Tampa, Florida area. I have worked as a graphic designer, web desginer, internet promotions manager, production manager, creative director and general go-to guy. I began training as a designer in 1990 when I started working as an intern in my uncles design company.

I've designed, built or managed well over 100 websites. I have designed, printed and in some cases, also installed, just about every print media known to man. I have recently jumped into the internet marketing end of marketing and design since the beginning of 2011. In the past 9 months, I have proven results of increasing website traffic by a consist 30% per month and plummeting Alexa rankings. And I do it all white-hat. I do not call it SEO, because that is the result of an act, and not the act itself. The act is to market through the internet, or commonly, internet marketing. I've managed the internet marketing for 10 companies over this past year and my results speak for themselves.

Basically, I've been there, done that. I've seen it all... more or less.

I started this blog for many reasons. One, I love to teach and share. I feel that designers are amazing when it comes to sharing knowledge. For whatever reason, even in the most competitive environments, I've always found someone to teach and most importantly, someone to learn from. Passing on knowledge is the human races greatest asset.

Another reason is that I love to learn. I encourage everyone who reads to share how they feel about a certain topic. If you are interested enough to read all 400-500 words, then you must have some thoughts, either good, or bad, and we all benefit from that perspective, so please share and become part of the community.

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