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Debbie LaChusa

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Debbie LaChusa is a marketing consultant, speaker, and the author of three books, including her latest, "Breaking the Spell: The Truth About Money, Success, and the Pursuit of Happiness." She's the founder of "Illuminate Press" where her mission is to write and publish books and e-books that question what is, expose the truth, and illuminate the possibilities. She also blogs frequently on the topics of money, success, and the pursuit of happiness.

Debbie is also known as The Business Stylist because she helps service professionals (primarily coaches, consultants, and those who package and sell their expertise) package their services, and design, brand, and market their businesses in a way that is authentic and "fits" them to a "T" so their business is more enjoyable, successful, and profitable.

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Branding has become a buzzword and trend in the online business and personal development industry over the past few years. It seems that suddenly everyone is a branding expert: graphic artists, web

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As a coach, consultant, or other service professional, your marketing will work a lot harder for you if you establish a brand name, instead of simply doing business under your own name. You'll want

Business > Branding l 2 years ago

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