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Sandy Peckinpah

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Once upon a time I had a fairy tale life...and then it wasn't. I was married to an Emmy nominated television producer and writer, I had four beautiful children, and I was a successful author in the midst of a media and talk show tour when the castle walls came tumbling down.

I was tempered by fire and it forced me to be stronger. When I suffered the "worst that could happen" I never dreamed I could be happy again, but I am. In fact, I'm happier than I ever dreamed possible.

I write from a personal perspective about resurrecting yourself after devastating losses and challenges. I absolutely have a happy ending to my fairy tale life!

The key to finding "happy" again is resilience. Having tragic challenges in life does not mean you walk that path forever. I offer insight and tools for reclaiming joy after loss, and transitioning your life into one where all things are possible.

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