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Anchal Sharma

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Life affords us the golden chance to explore ourselves, to continuously learn, to find our balance and place in this world, to love and to find our ultimate peace. To 'Live Beautiful' is an art. To have Life flow through one's self is a Miracle and so it becomes our duty and joy Live the journey that 'Life' is. Life is what you make of it. With its ups and downs, twists and turns, sunshine and rain, it leads the Hero to not only learn things and experience the whole gamut of human emotions but also to realize his purpose and discover the key that unlocks and unleashes our intelligence. I hope that everything that I write in its little way does contribute and make a difference in the life of anyone who reads it. Shalom.

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The only thing that defines a Victim is his ability and weakness to take a stand against the Monster. Where there is a Will, there will always be a Way. A way out of your misery can only be found in

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