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Jacques Sprenger

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I was born many years ago in Geneva, Switzerland, the world capital of Protestant churches. My Italian mother, a refugee during the Great Depression, made a living sewing dresses for rich ladies. My Swiss-German father struggled to survive without formal education and managed to learn 4 languages without ever setting foot in educational settings.

As a consequence, I became the first "intellectual" of the family, as my only sibling, my sister, decided to follow the career of cosmetology. Obviously, we both learned Italian, German, and French at a very young age. I later added English and Spanish. My father made the fateful decision to send me to the promised land, the United States of America, where he had some "friends", American pilots who were shot down by the Nazis and managed to find refuge in neutral Switzerland. I soon discovered that they had their own problems and families, which left me with no choice when Uncle Sam asked me to become a soldier. And so, I served in the military for the second time - Switzerland has its own army, believe it or not. I lived in Mexico for a while with my (Mexican) wife and learned a lot about Latin America. As a teacher at the local university, I became friends with several staunch Communists who failed to convince me that their way was the wave of the future. I also managed to snare a degree in psychology at the same time. We finally moved to Brownsville, Texas (the city by the sea) where I was offered a job as a special education teacher (I love it!). I welcome your comments!

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