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Phil Tucker

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Phil Tucker is a product review specialist and content writer for both Extreme Fitness Results and Get Moving Fitness. Based in Miami, he focuses on health and fitness, both of which he thinks are crucial to successful living and both of which are unfortunately largely neglected by our nation.

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When it comes to getting in shape it can seem like there are an infinite variety of options out there until you actually begin working out. Then suddenly you can fall into a rut, and before you know

Health & Fitness> Exercise l 2 years ago

As a society, we often idolize stable and long term relationships, casting them as the foundation and bedrock upon which our society is built, and a source of healthy societal participants who help

Articles Categories> Relationships l 2 years ago

When we think about fat we often imagine it simply being the sludgy stuff that rounds out our middles and makes un unattractive to most people. We think about how it jiggles in our arms and widens

Articles Categories> Health & Fitness l 2 years ago

We all know that our metabolism is what is responsible for burning fat and keeping our digestion and bodies running at optimal speeds. We know that there is also very little we can do to affect it -

Health & Fitness> Aerobics Cardio l 2 years ago

Have you ever dreamed of hitting one hundred years of age? Of sitting back in a rocking chair, kids, grandkids, and great grandkids gathered around you? To gaze fondly at their faces and known you

Health & Fitness> Anti Aging l 2 years ago

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