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Jim Domanski

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Jim Domanski is president of Teleconcepts Consulting and works with B to B companies and individuals who struggle to use the telephone more effectively when selling and marketing their products and services. The author of four books on tele-sales Jim has worked with clients, big and small throughout the US, Canada and parts of Europe. His articles have been featured in magazines such as Selling Power, Sales and Marketing Magazine, Advertising Age and the Financial Post. He is a featured speaker and guest lectures at various colleges and universities. Jim has also been featured on various television and radio programs. The 2-time recipient of the highly prestigious "Daffodil Award for Tele-Sales Implementation, Jim is an avid reader, a competitive BBQer, a collector of edged weapons and a fan of the Food Network.

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"It's not in the budget" is one of the most common objections in telephone selling. The question is, is it real or is it a smokescreen? Then, if it is legitimate, how do you overcome it? This article

Business > Sales Teleselling l 2 years ago

Call them 'white lies' but prospects often mislead you with false objections that through you off your selling game. Of course, it is not that customers are truly 'liars' but rather they want to get

Business > Sales Teleselling l 2 years ago

The reason why your B2B e-mail gets a low response rate is because your subject line fails to intrigue. By having a superb subject line and by developing a short but intriguing message, you increase

Business > Sales Teleselling l 2 years ago

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