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Pulin Dave

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I am a self-motivated and experienced individual. I am ambitious and enthusiastic about my future. I like to learn new things on a daily basis. I believe we all can learn something from everybody and make this world better place to live. I like have my presence in the internet world. This is one of the reason I have created my own website. I like to help people in every possible way. I get inspiration from Steve Jobs. As he said follow your heart, do what you love to do, believe in yourself etc. It really gives me courage to fight against the failure in life. I have failed in the past but learn from the mistakes. I want to successful not in terms of money but to have satisfaction from inside. I hope my articles will inspire somebody somewhere in the world!Best wishes

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Impact is everything. To be successful in life you need to be able to make instant positive impressions on others, communicate powerfully and to be persuasive and memorable.

Self Improvement> Coaching l 2 years ago

Sales is a noble profession. Aren't we selling on a daily basis? Today, selling has become more challenging than it was yesterday. Today, a buyer has many options and it becomes extremely important

Self Improvement> Coaching l 2 years ago

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