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Benjamin Osama Izzat

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Feeling overwhelmed is common among many of us. With every step we take in life we try to improve ourselves and the others around us but sometimes things begin to pile up around us and we end up

Self Improvement> Techniques l 2 years ago

Living an organized life for some might seem like an unbearable task. But to organize your life is really not hard or challenging if you take it one step at a time. One of the biggest steps is to

Self Improvement> Techniques l 2 years ago

What does it mean to be certain of something? When I was growing up, I was told often to put my money into the bank to have a strong certain future. It is wise to buy a house so you get a good

Self Improvement> Positive Attitude l 2 years ago

One of the worst feelings in life is when one feels regret. You did or said something that was not meant and the feeling inside is clear that you regretted it immediately after it was done. It is

Self Improvement> Empowerment l 2 years ago

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