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Max Kazen

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Executive coach, mentor, speaker and writer, and a certified EFT practitioner, with an arsenal of skills built from 20 + years of corporate leadership positions in Operations, Labor Relations, and Human Resources in major Fortune 500 transportation company. Specializing in peak performance coaching.

Working with...a top professional web copywriter, Ray Edwards.

Left-brain and right-brain training, with an undergraduate business management background, Montana State University, SPHR and Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations Human Resources certification, (analytical, left-brain) and EFT certification, studies of The Sedona Method, Perk-K, Psych-K, Donna Eden, and other personal growth and development programs (emotional, right-brain). At home...two cats to run the operation, one loving and patient husband, our three children who manage to love us despite our attempts to interfere in their lives, two grandchildren, and countless loved ones in our immediate and extended family. Interests: Whole brain living, reading, writing, nature walks, music, playing piano, skydiving, mountain climbing, vibrational energy researcher, self-help, enthusiast and practitioner of all at various times. My vision...always was...always will peace!

My work and passion...coaching/mentoring//exploring and expanding your self-knowledge and expertise in ways that help you achieve your ultimate goals for health and happiness, your career, and/or your relationships.

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