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Valerie René Sheppard is a recovering corporate executive on radical sabbatical, who is now devoting her time and talent to teaching personal leadership strategies for life and business success.  She has a diverse coaching background, including leading teams in Fortune 250 companies, working with young girls and homeless women, and teaching at corporate universities and a collegiate school of business. Valerie has been praised for her coaching and training abilities by colleagues, students, mentees and peers.     As founder of The Heart of Living VibrantlyÂ? Valerie's desire is to help you uncover the authentic you as the key to loving your life.  She will help you release the emotional junk-in-your-trunk, strengthen your sense of Self, heal your relationships, and create an action plan to live a more fulfilling and vibrant life.  For more information on engaging Valerie for on one-on-one coaching, workshops, or motivational public speaking, please visit her website or contact her directly at  

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Happiness can feel like a land far away. A place that once we arrive, the stay is brief. This was my experience for most of my life. I would hit a great place, feel unbelievably happy, and be

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