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Nadia Giordana

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Nadia Giordana helps talented baby boomers (and beyond) produce video website introductions and also video editing services to professionals who do their own filming, but need someone to take the raw footage and make it polished and professional. Between video projects and speaking engagements, she also helps extraordinary women, like life coaches, authors and writers, share their messages by distilling their stories into audio, video or print interviews. On occasion, she will take on a client and coach her through the self-publishing process. She is the author of "Thinking Skinny: Transform any Healthy Weight-Loss Program into Supercharged Success". In her words, "if you can envision the body you want, you can embody that vision".

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A significant number of baby boomers are interested in staying healthy and active. Many have discovered kombucha tea and are making it themselves at home. Some do it to save money, as it can be made

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