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Linda Burke

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I write articles and blog posts, I have some personal blogs of my own that I update once per week or more, depending on the subject. I also keep an online journal for my personal life, for the start of my auto-biography, and for article ideas. I spend a lot of time online reading various web pages about how best to write good articles, things to avoid, and how to speed up my article writing, while still maintaining high quality. I currently write articles for 2 different content houses, though I look forward to the day when people will approach me to write for them. My goal is to become an accomplished and respected writer in whatever niche I decide suits me best. I am also planning to pen my own life story along with some fiction books in my favorite genre.

If you are wondering about my personal life, I am married, for the second time, and I have 2 children who live with me, ages 12 and 14. My oldest, 26 years old, lives out of state with my mother. We have 2 dogs who are part of our family and that number will eventually grow to several more as rescues become available for either fostering or keeping.

I am an avid reader of several genres, although of late, I seem to stick more to science-fiction and fantasy, light horror, and paranormal romance. Long gone are the days when I devoured Harlequin romance novels like they were Hershey bars!

I like to watch NHRA drag racing on television. My husband is into drag racing himself, but only at the amateur level. I like hockey, although I do not get to watch the games as much as I used to. In fact, I don't find much enjoyment in what television has to offer these days, so most days the television set is off until my husband gets home in the evening. I enjoy scrap booking, when I can take the time, and crocheting--although it has been awhile since I last attempted it, and now I need a refresher course on how to do it!

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