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Randal Roberts

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Randal Roberts has 30 years of commercial banking and other small business experience. Randy has come to know what it takes to help small businesses succeed. In his career, he has help over 2,500 different concerns work toward their business goals. Not just his B.S. degree from Brigham Young University but his many man hours of working closely with business owners and professionals alike has helped him gain experiences that can be passed on to others. He has managed an International Banking concern for one of the largest banks in the Western U.S. and has been Director of Global Institutional Risk for the American Express Company. Randy was able to close the first SBA loan ever granted for ,000,000 or above. He has made loans to many different sizes of companies from the very small to over billion in sales size, a wide range of experience. He has given many volunteer hours in different capacities, to a number of non-profit organizations and has help them further their causes. He has been married since 1978 and is father of 4 children and has 7 grandchildren.

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Have you ever driven across town to save a dime a gallon on a fill up of gasoline? I have, and it just does not pay. If you fill the tank and your tank holds fifteen gallons, then you have saved a

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