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Melanie Woods

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I have a strong interest, both personally and professionally, in the benefits and scope of natural health and am a freelance writer. I specialise in writing about natural nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and plant products and I believe in the power of natural products for healing and well-being.

I think it is important to forward and share information about natural health in a world where so many solutions to health issues and concerns are often artificially synthesized, chemical products. The principle of natural health is one in which the person is treated as a whole - literally the holistic approach - in which looks all aspects of a person's life is taken into consideration, including lifestyle, previous or present health conditions, diet, food allergies, toxicity in their environments etc...

Traditionally, natural health has deeply laid roots in various cultures, from ancient Greece and Egypt; the Indian Vedic medicine (Vedic literally translates from the Sanskrit meaning 'knowledge'); Chinese herb lore and the indigenous cultures of Australian Aborigines, North American Indians and the English Druids.

Providing health information on already known and new nutrients helps to forward this ever-growing natural health stream of knowledge into the future.

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