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Sutapa Ghosh

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Hello, I am recipe developer, recipe writer, food blogger and food photographer.I write about delicious and healthy recipes from world cuisine and also scrumptious Indian recipes. Four last 4 years I am successfully writing a food blog. In this food blog I not only share recipes but all healthy tit bits that are useful. Good delicious food is not always what we need to live a happy prosperous and healthy life but we need some spiritual food and some emotional food that give us the inner satisfaction. So being a student of psychology I try to deal this areas of life in my write ups. Mainly I want to share about total well being. I want every one who are my readers live life at their fullest and that's why I am here for.

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Eggs as we all know contain very high quality protein and nine very essential amino acids. Today I am using this healthy power house of nutrition that is egg to make a very delicious crispy egg

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