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Well my name is Tristram Lodge and I am married to my wonderful wife Vicky and we have a beautiful little baby boy, Joseph. We live in a town called Swindon in the South West of the United Kingdom.

I have been involved with network marketing since 2003 with very little success. I did all the usual things that everyone has been told to do when they join this industry. You know the type of thing, make your list of family and friends, go talk to them and try and get them signed up into your business. I handed out fliers in shopping centers, posted them on cars and through people's letter boxes and guess what nothing worked.

A few months ago I found a system on the internet that has completely changed the way I build my business and how I connect with people. And I can tell you the way I do business now is much more fun and exciting than trying to pitch to my family and friends.

I have learnt alot about social networking and how to build relationships with new people without the need to promote your business opportunity. I have also found out that you can make money even if people don't join your primary business.

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