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Jason T Boyd

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Jason is a Fitness and Healthy Living enthusiast who works as a Personal Trainer and Exercise Physiologist.

Jason has a passion for training others are showing the best way of staying fit and healthy.

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Many people who lift weights always want to have the perfect body, and one of those parts on the body is the arms. The arms in a basic break down are the forearms, biceps, and triceps. These three

Health & Fitness> Build Muscle l 2 years ago

The trapezius, also referred to as "the traps", is the area that wraps around the shoulders and neck then down your spine. Deltoids or "delts" are the main three headed muscle that make up the actual

Health & Fitness> Build Muscle l 2 years ago

If you're like most people who want to achieve fat loss, you want to reach your dream body - yesterday. You don't want to wait six months to 'take things slow', but rather, you want to be done with

Health & Fitness> Weight Loss l 2 years ago

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