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Mrs. Rooney is a domestic violence, cancer, mental illness survivor and champion. Her life's mission is to educate people on these sometimes invisible diseases that seriously jeopardize a person's ability to experience quality life experiences to their fullest potential. Her research, speaking and authoring is currently dedicated to gathering and reporting statistics on these issues, offering suggestions of how to fix the travesties that often occur in the medical industry-primarily due to insurance company policy, a forum where people struggling with these diseases have a voice...but more importantly, an understanding individual at the other end. Rebecca has many paths through which to accomplish these tasks. She has a good idea that some legislative changes may be in order and is willing to rise to the occasion in that arena, as well. It will take a lot of work to educate so many, but the world may be a nicer place for her having hung in there and brought the struggles of these issues to the forefront. Join her in this journey. Help spread the word. There are those of us out here who sympathize with your plights, but more importantly, we want to support you as you go through it...Rebecca Rooney is one of those people. Currently she is working on several books. Most notably: Mending a Wounded Heart, Living with Invisible Illness to be released in May 2013 (National Mental Illness Awareness Month). "I am working to build awareness of invisible diseases, primarily mental illness and will be dedicating myself fully to this mission when I am not in the classroom making a difference for the lives of my students."

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