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Rodney M Bukuya

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I have been a Financial Planner since 1998.

All of my experiences in this time have helped me construct my career guiding philosophy: To build wealth, most people just need to follow some simple rules and more importantly, protect their relationships.

Broken relationships destroy more wealth each year than any investment cycle ever can. Look after each other and the wealth will take care of itself.

As a general rule, most people are also prone to underestimate, both how much wealth they'll need to have accumulated before retirement and for how long those monies must last.Furthermore, We grossly underestimate how much money is required to support our families should we die before they become independent.

I have come to realise that not only has our education system failed to educate us as a society about how to handle the money we each earn from our individual career pursuits but also under equipped us with the tools we need to take responsibility for our futures.

I have seen clients from all ranges of the spectrum, from clients earning 0,000 per year with large investment portfolios to admin assistants earning less than 10% of that, who just needed some help setting up a savings strategy for the first time. Not an easy task when their lifestyle has already been absorbed into their income levels.

On the flip side of this I've helped high income earners who have trouble putting food on the table because of their massive debts levels from trying to keep up with the Jones'.

I've also had the immense pleasure of working with people on average incomes who've been frugal with their money and built considerable asset bases just by following some simple rules.

My vainest hope, is that my writing somehow empowers you to take responsibility for your own future.

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