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SengHee Tan

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SengHee Tan is a veteran who had served the consumer retail and mobile technology industries for over 25 years. His passion is to bring new technologies to serve consumers in new ways.

He is the CEO of Qender PL and he is on a mission to help millions of consumers globally who are standing or sitting in line to be served, to turn those millions of unproductive minutes to better use. Now, his new app lets a consumer takes a queue number from their home or office or at point of service, waits in comfort with updates of the progress of her queue, then show up prior to her turn to be served.

Apart from the consumer benefits, his company is working hard to harness the advances in mobile technology help small businesses to serve their communities more efficiently.

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Customers are going mobile. Businesses like doctors, hair salons and cafes who have queues during their peak hours will noticed that the majority of their waiting customers are using their

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