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Alex Race

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Originally trained by Sifu Julian Duran at the Kung Fu Conservatory in Boca Raton, Florida, Alex Race has been on his personal quest for internal cultivation for 12 years and counting.

Years of practice combined with one on one teaching has led Mr. Race to develop a unique teaching system of Qigong making it suitable for all ages and levels.

Mr. Race has worked on methods of teaching to allow people to practice and heal themselves. He feels it's every human's right to tap into their own inner healing system. Qigong is a free form of healthcare for a modern world with tangled science, medications and misinformation.

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We all love the gentle movements of Qigong. Not only does it provide gentle stretching for our muscles and tendons, but it circulates vital Qi and blood to all areas of the body, re-energizing every

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