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Christian Halas

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Halas Consulting was started on the premise that it is possible to do well by doing good for people, an idea that frequently gets lost in the financial services industry where being rewarded for meeting sales quotas often trumps being rewarded for doing well for the client.

Halas Consulting is an independent consulting firm that, in conjunction with our strategic partners, handles all aspects of our clients' portfolios including: insurance planning, banking, tax planning and preparation, investment planning and strategies, retirement planning, and estate planning. Our goal is to work to provide unique solutions to our clients' problems all with the single minded, obsessive goal to ensure comfort and abundance for our clients.

Being independent helps us in two important areas. First, as an independent business owner, we know what it's like to have to make choices and sacrifices on how, where, and why to invest in our business, an employee working for a large firm doesn't have to "eat his/her own cooking" in regards to advising a business owner. Second, being independent means that we will, and are in fact obligated to, always act in the best interest of our clients in every aspect of the business relationship. We are not obligated to represent any one company's products or philosophies.

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