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Dr Yomi Garnett

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After twenty years of a rewarding career in Medicine, Dr. Garnett now deploys his skills as a writer and a public speaker to reach out to people in dire need of inspirational and motivational messages in their times of despair. As a foremost motivational and self-help consultant, he has designed tools that have helped re-shape the lives of countless people, in the process challenging them to grow and empowering them to win the many battles incident to their very existence. An expert in the field of STRESS EDUCATION and LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION STRATEGIES, he only recently completed work on a book titled: THE MANAGEMENT OF EXECUTIVE STRESS- Eliciting Peak Performance in the Corporate Executive. For the greater part of each year, Dr. Garnett is on the lecture circuit, teaching individuals and corporate organizations cutting-edge leadership skills, wisdom acquisition strategies and Lifestyle Modification Strategies that are designed to elicit performance at peak levels. Dr. Garnett is the author of a book titled: 365 DAYS OF WISDOM-A Daily Companion for the Soul in Search Of Enlightenment. It was published in March 2011 by, a subsidiary of The book is a 3-in-1 self-help package. 1. It can be adopted as a devotional, being an everyday companion offering daily inspirational messages and thought-conditioning exercises. 2. It can be used as a SPIRITUAL GUIDEBOOK TO THE LANGUAGE OF INSPIRATION, since it allows the reader to take immediate control of his destiny in all areas of life, helping him to restore the ability to dream big dreams. It also allows him to achieve genuine success based on timeless scripture, while prompting him to conduct his life at the highest and most integrated level. 3. It can be used as a HANDBOOK OF SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE. This form of guidance works in this manner: If you have a problem, pray about and around it, and then randomly open the book. The page(s) you open to will offer enough insight to navigate you through your dilemma. This form of guidance is predicated on a subconscious need, backed by the spiritual energy of expectant faith. Dr. Garnett's latest work, THE BISHOP'S TESTAMENT-A Novel on the Spiritual Basis of Wisdom and Wealth Consciousness will soon be released on the imprint of RMS 1437 PUBLISHING LLC of Austin, Texas. Dr. Garnett is the founder of a group called THE GLOBAL INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN EXCELLENCE on LinkedIn.

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A young man, in the course of a year-long encounter with an eminent ecclesiastical personage, The Bishop, is introduced to the art of meditation, and given a practical demonstration of it. He learns

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