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Ching Yuen Mak

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A Taoist master and exorcist who worked in the field for since 1996, providing Taoism magic service to the public such as exorcism, healing, luck enhancing, life improvement and so on. Also skilled at feng shui, fortune telling, zi wei dou shu as and dream interpretation and divination.

I am also a kung fu master who teach kung fu online with private lessons as well, teaching over 300+ forms and many styles. My kung fu teaching can gear toward combat or health, which you can choose at your own pace to learn and own style of lessons as well.

If you got ghosts related problems, spiritual problems, or just anything that you cannot explain in life, I am the person to find!

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All meditations promote "peace of mind" which is not a long term thing but more like a relax session instead, more like going to a massage or listening to music. Taoist Chi Kung is not the same, our

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