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Lawrence Stainbank

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You work on your own, you work from home and you want your very own home based internet business. Those were my ambitions and I'm here to tell you two important points.

1. It can be done 2. Stop spending money!

I learned, the hard way, that if you do not set off on the right path then you can waste a huge amount of time and money getting precisely nowhere.

Do you get lots of emails and perhaps even old fashioned mail shots telling you how you can make money online? Which path are you going to choose?

Your own product? affiliate marketing? physical products? digital products? How are you going to drive traffic to your shinny new website - writing lots of articles, using social network sites, super whizz-bang software, pay per click etc. etc.

Here is exactly what you should do. Sit down, take a deep breath and digest what I am about to tell you.

Although the internet is changing all the time, the fundamentals of marketing online remain the same. Find out what people want, that is what they really want, and show them how to find it and in doing so make yourself a reasonable sum of money.

The next, and most important, stage is what I mentioned earlier, namely what is the best way to go about this without spending a silly amount of money or causing yourself and those around you undue stress.

After a number of false starts I discovered that the right guidance is absolutely vital, the problem is who's star do you hitch your wagon to? To state the obvious you want the best mentor that you can find and I mean the very best.

How about getting this help completely free of charge, week in, week out before spending any money at all!

This is where I can help you. Just drop me a line at and I will make sure that you receive top notch guidance without any obligation on your part at all.

See you in cyberspace!

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