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Dan Levesque

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Dan Levesque is a practicing chiropractor and professional athlete. He is also an avid entrepreneur and runs several businesses. He is the owner of a successful online paintball store called He also enjoys seeing patients during the day at his chiropractic clinic since 1996.

He started in 2007 and loves to watch it grow! He attributes the site's success to a combination of competitive pricing and savvy marketing. Researching paintball products over the years has given Dan a plethora of knowledge about paintball and he is an avid writer of articles on the subject.

As a hobby, Dan is passionate about the sport of weight lifting and has been a professional powerlifter since 2002. He has been a competitive bodybuilder since high school. In his spare time, he trains numerous groups of athletes to become stronger for their sport; this includes his own competitive powerlifting team.

Dan Levesque is also heavily involved with his 12 year old son's life and athletics. He is a practicing Christian and regular member of Highlands Fellowship Church.

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If you're throwing a party, consider using a paintball theme for a memorable and exciting time. If done correctly, people will talk about your legendary paintball party for days to come. Paintball

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