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Name: Russell Wyndell Coley, author pen name: Coley Russell Born: July 13, 1963 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-USA Age: 47 Marital Status: Single with two children, 9 & 11 respectively. Occupation: Free-Lance Writer-College Student-Major:Paralegal Studies Personal Blog: I started writing as soon as I began to understand language and how to read. From my earliest days in elementary school, reading and writing were my favorite subjects. After personal issues prevented me from completing high school I did not give up. I acquired my General Education Diploma(G.E.D.) in 1981 and got accepted into the U.S. Navy in the delayed entry program but at the last minute was given a discharge due to undisclosed juvenile adjudication. That began a battle with depression which nearly destroyed my life and landed me in psychotherapy Then I was told by someone, " It's not what happens to you in life that matters but rather how you deal with it." That was not a hard decision. I read all I could, studied law and American goverment-politics vowing that this would be the turning point in my life. My oldest child lived with her mother who married during our break up and my youngest I had with the woman I later married. She passed in 2007 leaving me a single father. I applied for college and got accepted to a community college where I majored in Paralegal. I was published several times in the student newspaper Vanguard and held several work study positions before transferring to a 4 year University where I currently am working towards my bachelor's degree and from here it's off to Law School for my juris doctorate and master's in psychology.

Life has been the sum total of my thoughts and the greatest challenge I have found us controlling my deepest perceptions of my self. The Bible states, "As a man thinketh, so is he". In other words every one is what he or she is because of their thought life since the outward manifestation, matter is only the effect and not the cause of the inner-person, spirit. Life operates on principles not circumstances. In essence, everyone is the master of their own fate which holds, one can only reap what one sows, for good or bad.

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