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Diane C Doyle

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Diane C. Doyle, a creator and autor of the SketchaJournal Dove Series, brings years of personal experience, knowledge and educational background to provide workshops and retreats for your hope and happiness. Diane is a dynamic facilitator that brings authenticity and warmth to all group presentations. Living her passion, Diane introduces journaling as a tool for all areas of your personal and business endeavours. Diane uses scripture and sketches to hone in on the benefits of journaling and shares examples, exercises, and personal notes to support your journey.

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You will already have an impression or thought of what journaling means to you personally. I challenge you to broaden that definition just a little bit because journaling can be as structured or

Writing & Speaking> Creative Writing l 2 years ago

If you have not enjoyed the full benefits of journaling then it might be because you have formulated some road blocks or excuses to journaling. You might feel you don't have the time, don't like

Writing & Speaking> Creative Writing l 2 years ago

A journaling tool where you can take time to review and reflect and then write down the key points. It will help you put the events in your life in perspective by looking at the big picture and

Writing & Speaking> Creative Writing l 2 years ago

Journaling starts with identifying issues in your current life and then brings you to a place where action is required. The action is to bring peace and balance in your life. By going through the

Writing & Speaking> Creative Writing l 2 years ago

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