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Adil Wasim

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I have been working in the social development sector for more than five years. My basic expertise lies in Monitoring and Evaluation, Research and Surveys, Data management and analysis, program evaluation, and program management.

I have great exposure of writing different plain and technical topics which could enclose millions of topics. I do have ability to manage and design innovative social development strategies based on both quantitative and qualitative research.

We are here to make certain that people who need their business to be simply done, will have opportunity to work with us. We provide services to translation from every languages to every language and we provide data in graphical representation and provide services to provide power point presentations.

We are trained in report writing, designing different data collection tools, writing technical articles and other communication material with designing in most advance software. We provide services in designing, writing the newsletters, we design business plans for small business firms and also we design different business strategies and conducts market research.

We have ability to design website applications and to provide other quality software development. We are trained in dong academic research and then interpreting results in the form of research reports and provide proper programmatic support.

We also assist people in finalizing their academic research and to enabling them to produce high level research articles.

We also provide Ezine accounts for people who have no time to make them and to have platinum status. We are developing such accounts by putting unique and quality articles into ezine directories.

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We know that nucleons in nucleus are bound due to the presence of short range nuclear force, also known as strong force which is attractive in nature. Nucleons mean number of protons and neutrons.

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