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S.C.Skillman was born and brought up in Orpington, Kent. She started filling notebooks with stories when she was seven years old, inspired by the children's adventure stories of Enid Blyton. By the time she was twelve she had completed a collection of fairy stories. Her father handed her a stamped addressed envelope to submit them to a London publisher. Because of that early encouragement she dedicated her first novel to her father Ken Skillman.

Sheila studied English Literature at Lancaster University, and her first permanent job was as a production secretary with the BBC. Later she lived for nearly five years in Australia. Upon her return to England, she met her future husband David. Subsequently they married and then moved to Warwickshire, where they now live with their two children Abigail and Jamie.

Sheila completed two comic novels before writing "Mystical Circles". This psychological romance novel took her six years to write. She has considerable experience of New Age spiritual groups whose practices she describes in this story. The book was launched in Kenilworth on Saturday 13 November 2010. Fay Sampson, prizewinning author of "In the Blood" and "A Malignant House", praised Sheila's first published novel, noting that "the dangerous group dynamics" intrigued her the most.

Sheila is currently working on her next novel, provisionally entitled "A Passionate Spirit".

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