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J Roy Singham

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I live in Kew (SW London) with my wife Mary; we have grown-up children and growing-up grand- children. In1943, under wartime rules, I was directed to the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough and allowed to work on top secret jet-engine development. In the early 1960s I was using apartment-size mainframe computers at Imperial College London to solve engineering problems. All that seems a long time ago. Now I use a desktop. I retired in 1990, after 47 years as an engineer and university teacher.

15 years ago I noticed that I was in the habit of holding forth on things without much thought; and I decided to spend more time listening, reading, thinking and writing. When setting down my thoughts on a topic I would often restrict myself to a page of A4 or about 600 words. This led to a piece about my basic beliefs with the title 'My Credo in a Nutshell'. And that made me think that there must be a place on the web where I could read the credos of prominent people. I found no such place. So a couple of years ago I decided to reserve the domain (later It's taken me a little while to persuade myself that this wasn't a bad idea and to start creating a website.

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Some scientists, mainly biologists, believe that the thoughts and feelings within our minds are physical objects like the brain itself. But thoughts and feelings have no physical properties, like

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